A wishlist? But it’s not even Christmas!

My always right-on-top-of-things editor forwarded me an e-mail that she received from a company called ByHand.me. The company was “conceived and created” by the husband of a woman named Rebecca Dillon. ByHand.me is a non-profit community that puts the “personal back in handmade, and provides free support for handmade artists.”


A pretty cool feature of the company is their wishlist. The concept is that you can create a list of products that you like, and then share the list with friends and family through e-mail. You view products on any of seven popular handmade sites, and then simply click the link when viewing the product. Each item you click is added to your wishlist. You then e-mail the list to whomever may be buying you a gift in the near future. When they visit your wishlist page, they see all of the handmade items that you have chosen. All they have to do is click on an item, and it takes them straight to item’s product page. Simple. And it takes all the guesswork out of gift giving.


I’ll be honest, this concept may not be for everyone. I, for one, like to make people sweat and worry about what gift I would like. Why should I make it easy and give them hints? It ruins the surprise. However, some people like to pre-pick gifts they like; that way they won’t be disappointed. (My sister, for instance, hand-picks every one of her Christmas gifts months before.) If that’s you, then the wishlist is a great idea. Plus, you’d be helping out artists who put a lot of love into their handmade items.


Of course, you don’t have to wait for someone to buy something for you. You can peruse the site and buy yourself something, a little “I’m fabulous and deserve this” kind of thing.


You’ll have some really nice products to choose from, including crocheted pieces, jewelry, dolls, and some funky clothing items. I found a few things I wouldn’t mind owning in my first few minutes on the site.


Click here to start choosing items and creating your very own wishlist. Let us know how it turns out!


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