Have you re-gifted today?

I received some really cute gift bags in the mail the other day from a company called Simply Re-Gift It™. It was started by a woman named Jennifer Paretta, and is a certified woman-owned business, which is always cool. They design and manufacture the Friendship Gift Bag™. Each gift bag is designed so that the gift-giver can color, draw, or leave a personal message in one of four panels, and then give a gift to the recipient in the gift bag. The recipient then adds their own touch to the bag and gives it to someone else…and you get the picture. All the recipients can even track the gift bag’s progress using a secure tracking system.

When all the panels have been filled in, the last recipient then prints out a shipping label from the website and mails the gift bag back to Simply Re-Gift It. After the bag is processed, all the recipients can view it online, and even create customized gift items, such as playing cards or mugs (come on, you knew that was coming).

All that aside, I just think this concept is rockin’ in so many ways. First of all, it’s such a great way to encourage kids’ creativity. Kids are so techno-driven these days that sometimes they don’t even know the simple joy in actually using their own imaginations and making something. It also shows them that the best gifts aren’t always the ones that are purchased in a store. Plus, re-gifting has gotten such a negative connotation (thank you, Seinfeld—still, that’s a classic episode), and these bags help put a whole new spin on taking something and giving it again—without it being a bad thing. And because they’re used multiple times, they’re eco-friendly, which we all know is oh-so-hot right now. But again, it’s kind of a cooler way of helping out Mother Earth, not the usual don’t-use-plastic-bags-recycle-wear-organic-cotton we hear all the time.


Right now, they offer three “Color Me” designs, which are geared towards younger children, and two additional designs called “Camouflage” and “Graffiti” that are suited for school-aged children. They do have plans to create more bag styles for children and adults, as well as specific theme designs, such as wine, seasons and family tree motifs.

To find out more about Simply Re-Gift It™ Friendship Gift Bags™, click here. Soon you can stand tall and proudly say, “Yes, I am a re-gifter.”


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