A totally random Friday post.

It all started when I saw the note on the side of my diet soda bottle: “Contains Phenylalanine” My thought: What the heck is that? Now, I’ve been drinking diet soda for many years, (you may say I’m slightly hooked on it) and it never occurred to me that I actually had no idea what was actually in what I was drinking. So, ever-curious little bugger that I am, I hopped online and searched it. Whoa. I really need to learn not to Google stuff anymore.


Anyway, I’m not one of those people that believe everything that they read. But there’s some scary stuff out there about Phenylalanine, as well as aspartame. But don’t worry, I’m not going to sit here and tell you not to drink anything that contains chemicals because, obviously, I’m neither a scientist nor a doctor. But it did get me thinking that maybe I, personally, should cut out that kind of stuff. So, I decided to stop drinking diet soda. That’s it—cold turkey. Cause I’m just that hardcore.


And since the only other person I know that drinks diet soda at 9 AM is my also-slightly-addicted editor, I told her about my findings. Her reaction: “Hmm. Well, that can’t be good. Maybe we shouldn’t drink it anymore…okay, no more diet soda!” And just like that, she hopped on my bandwagon. Muhahahaha. It’s just too easy.


So, we have been officially diet soda free for seven whole days. Seven! (Unless, of course, editor has been sipping on the side. She’s crafty like that.) We now chug unsweetened iced tea like it’s our job, but at least it’s better than consuming alarming amounts of artificial sugar.


Will it last? Can we overcome the lure of the sweet effervescence, and that satisfying shhhhwoooo sound when you pop open a new bottle?


Yeah, the future looks bleak. Stay tuned.


Update: Always-honest editor has confessed that she cheated this weekend. What a quitter. If it were me, I would have cheated and not said anything. Sigh. This is a lonely crusade.


8 thoughts on “A totally random Friday post.

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  2. Just found your blog, nice job!
    This diet soda thing happens to be a huge issue for me and so, because I CARE about you I will rant…
    I believe it has been proven, but not often reported, that diet soda, when left in the sun, turns into a poison if consumed by humans. It may be what has caused some of the mysterious illness of desert storm vets. The government dropped palettes of diet soda in the desert for our troops, and in that heat it turned into BAD stuff.
    Also, those of us with multiple sclerosis have been warned not to consume aspartame. If it’s bad for us, it’s probably not too good for you either.
    By the way, my good friend had been suffering with backaches, and she quit diet soda and her backaches slowly cleared. Food for thought.
    I know there are many things “people” tell us not to eat, or are bad for you, but really, what is there in diet soda that is good for you? Just walk away.

  3. Don’t drink that! Don’t smoke! Don’t eat that! Don’t spend money! Diet soda is all I have left. So we drink a few chemicals every now and then. Think of all the stuff we breathe in every day–inside and outside. Bring on Diet Pepsi with Lime!

    • Hey Kathleen! I’m at the point where I’m proud that I’ve given it up–but when I see someone else drinking it, I’m like “one little sip won’t hurt…” I’m drinking lemon lime seltzer right now, and it’s just not cuttin’ it 😉

  4. I’m not proud of the fact that I love to guzzle my morning diet cola in lieu of coffee—although my embarrassment is merely out of social pressure. However, my diet cola is a more acceptable breakfast to me than a Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich. I know there are chemicals in that diet cola that will remain in my body for a week… but that ham, egg, and cheese will affix to my thighs for years! When I was a kid, one of my mother’s expressions was “Eat a peck of dirt before you die”. Enough said.

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