ThreadBanger: Funny name, serious DIY

I was watching the 6:30 news a few evenings ago and it featured an online network called ThreadBanger. I was excited because I was actually familiar with the name, and had watched a couple of episodes after I had stumbled across the site quite by accident.


ThreadBanger shows episodes of DIY programs. My favorite is Thread Heads, hosted by very cool duo Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh. (Some of the other shows include DIY decor and DIY Halloween costumes.) Thread Heads features nifty DIY instruction on anything from a new hat, to a tube top, to a bathing suit cover up. And, most of the items are made out of stuff you already have, which just doubles the awesomeness factor.


They also do pretty interesting interviews with different kinds of artists, as well as fashion and costume designers.


ThreadBanger is great because it really encourages people to get out there and design, craft, and develop their own style—without worrying about what anyone else says.


The network is becoming pretty popular, and was even featured on the Rachael Ray show, I believe. Click here to check it out. It has a really young, hip, urban vibe, and I definitely recommend it. And if you happen to fashion a dress out of bath poufs, please let us know.




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