Craftster: What an awesome way to wile away a Friday.

So I was on one of my usual daily Google adventures, looking up product for magazine projects, when I came across  And I am quite happy I found it.

Craftster is an online community where crafters from all over the ‘net can share crafting ideas, tips, DIY projects, craft-themed tattoos—you name it. Started in August 2003, it is now one of the largest “indie” craft communities. (“Indie” simply means independent—as in indie music, indie films, etc.) I’m really digging this sight, mainly cause it’s a little offbeat—like me. My tastes are all over the place, and I’ve never been able to fit myself into any sort of category. But, I feel right at home on Craftster. People who march to their own drummer and don’t follow the herd are gonna be feelin’ this sight as well.

The sight now has over 700,000 readers per month, and has been written up in The New York Times, The London Guardian, and Time Magazine. They have lots of great articles and tons of fun projects, including glass crafts, fiber arts, crochet, and even recipes. The site also runs the Craftster Challenge, and it goes like this: A certain item is given, and readers are encouraged to craft something using that item. They then submit their idea, and readers vote on what they feel is the best and most creative. The most recent challenge (Eggcellent Upcycling) was to be all crafty with plastic Easter eggs, and some of the ideas were pretty clever! Click hereto see ‘em! (Their current challenge is to repurpose a catalog. This will tell you more—and please, let us know if you decide to submit an idea!)

They also have a small online shop that sells cute graphic tees (my fav), pins, and tote bags.

So if you’re a hip crafter, and you’ve got a bit of a funky vibe going on, or if you’re just curious and simply love crafting, then I would definitely put Craftster on your list of sites to check out. Oh, and pay attention to the graphic in the upper left-hand corner of the page. It changes every so often, and they’re funny! Now I have to get back to work before someone realizes I’m getting paid to laugh at funny crochet-themed t-shirts.


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