Cheater, cheater, diet soda drinker.

I guess I have to make a confession…remember my random March posting about how my wonderful editor and I were supposed to give up Diet Pepsi? Well…

In our defense, we’ve only had it, maybe, five times since that post, (not counting the time she cheated), and that was three months ago, so all things considered, we did pretty well, and I’m proud of us.

But, I realized just how happy that little bubbly drink makes my editor, So, we’ve had a few discussions, and I decreed that we could have a Diet Pepsi every other Friday (and maybe on photo shoots, too), as a treat.  Yes, that’s right, I decreed it, because this whole thing was really my idea, and Ms. Editor followed me right into it, no questions asked. So I figured the least I could do was brighten her days a little with knowing that a Diet Pepsi was at least on the horizon, cause, let’s face it, I’m just that nice.

But, if you’re smart, you shouldn’t be buying any of that, and should know that I allowed us to have Diet Pepsi again because I’m selfish, and I wanted it again, darn it! It just makes both of us smile, and life is too short to just cut it out completely. Plus, the caffeine makes us more productive! So as I type this, sipping my Diet Pepsi (with Lime!), a big smile on my face, it’s all totally worth it, fake sugar poisoning and all.

Happy Friday!


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