A Tiny Junking Adventure

Sorry for the long distance between this and my last post. I was on vacation (though I’m using that term loosely).

Then, our company server crashed and we lost a boatload (maybe even a cruise ship-load) of information and have been working like mindless drones to make sure everything ships on time.

But I know, excuses, excuses…

So, to escape our computer screens for just a little while, Bev and I went down the road a bit to a shop called Made in the Shade. It had creaky floors (bonus!) and nooks and crannies just filled with this and that. Our main goal was to try and find some small white plates.

After a bit of wandering, a lot of laughter at some particularly odd items, and trying to avoid scary dolls (okay, that was just me—sorry, but I’ve seen the Talking Tina ep of “The Twilight Zone” one too many times), we happened upon a closet upstairs that had some sale items. Bev found this fun frame:

RP Frame














Sorry for the somewhat cruddy quality of photos—cell phone cameras and office lighting don’t make great studio conditions. The frame is pretty cool, all rusty and swirly and old-looking. And I think the picture inside just totally adds to it, don’t you?

And only I could go into a shop loaded with vintage odds and ends and come out with this:

clothespin 1







clothespin 2









It’s a giant clothespin, people! Come on, it rocks! It’s actually for my mom, cause she had just said the other day when she saw one, “That is so cool. I would love a giant clothespin.” So I gave it to her, and she was quite happy. It now rests (sans Robby P. photo) on a shelf in her laundry room.

We did hit up another shop, but to be honest, there was nothing impressive there. We did some more laughing, got a tad creeped out when we heard some guy making strange sounds, and decided it was time to go get some iced chai.

So that’s our story. What better way to spend your lunch hour (or hour and a half) than with junk and iced chai?

P.S. We never found those white plates. Guess we’ll have to go on another adventure. What a shame.


3 thoughts on “A Tiny Junking Adventure

  1. I couldn’t help but to notice and agree with you on how that picture totally adds to the frame-LOL.
    Great finds!! It’s been a pleasure to stop by your blog. 🙂

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