Forget your troubles, come on get crafty.

I stumbled across this site called quite awhile ago, but I put it on the back burner to blog about later…and then I kinda forgot about it. My bad. But don’t worry, I didn’t burn it, and with Christmas right around the corner, I figured this would be a good site to peruse and get some ideas for fun, homemade gifts. is filled with simple crafts that can easily be made at home, and with items you most likely already have lying around. You can find everything from bath and body crafts to recycled crafts to paper crafts, and all different sorts of holiday-themed crafts. I love me a good sock monkey. But maybe you’re looking for fabric notecards? How about some Christmas soaps? Lemon body scrub? Or how about this? (Come on, we all need one of these—and no, it’s NOT a voodoo doll.)

There are also some great knitted charity projects, like caps for chemotherapy patients, amputation covers, and premature baby beanies.

I think one of my favorite projects is the Bra Purse. You may balk a bit at first, but it’s actually a really cute and cheeky idea. A lot of users have made them for breast cancer fighters and survivors; one user spoke of how she made one for a friend about to have a mastectomy–she filled the purse with inspirational messages written on beach stones. In what can be a bleak and scary time, who doesn’t need support from friends–and a good laugh?

Nothing on the site is really over-the-top, way-too-hard to create, so all you super duper advanced crafters may find some of the projects a bit pedestrian (and yes, that was supposed to be said with a snobby British accent). Projects come with user ratings, and they also let you know how long they take to create, and for what ages they’re most suitable for. Some projects have iffy instructions or sort of yucky pictures (or none at all), but with a little imagination, you clever crafters can make these projects totally rock. No harm in just checking the site out, right?

And since the turkey countdown is now less than two days, Bev and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! May you be ever so thankful, eat too much, laugh out loud, then pass out on the couch with a football game blaring in the background. Gobble gobble!


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