May your display be merry and bright

I was forwarded an e-mail from my very enthusiastic editor (her words: “TOO FREAKIN CUTE!!!”), and I wanted to share the contents.

Anthropologie (which has awesome stuff that I usually can’t afford, but it’s so nice to look at) has this awesome, awesome, awesome display idea on their site:

How amazingly fun and clever is this? The whole concept just rocks my world–it’s so utterly Create & Decorate. But think of all the other display possibilities! It could be a totally cool and different way to give a Christmas gift this year, but there’s so much room for creativity, it’s ridiculous!

What do you think? What other ways could you spin this idea? Please share!


3 thoughts on “May your display be merry and bright

  1. Just found this site. How’d they make these? What kind of glue is used that would hold even when wet? What a great gift for kids to make at my church! Where can I find the instructions. I buy Create and Decorate periodically depending on my pocketbook. Was it a project in one of their issues? Thanks

    • Hi Judy! Thanks for reading the mag and the blog 🙂

      These cool little jars actually weren’t in the magazine; the editor and I saw them on the Anthropologie website. They had made a neat little display to show jewelry and stuff. You can make these yourself, though–after a little searching, I found instructions on and changed them up a bit. As you said, they’re a great kid’s project. Here’s what you’ll need:

      Any kind of clear jar (like baby food and olive jars)
      Clear drying epoxy
      Ceramic (not metal) figurines and/or synthetic mini trees
      Distilled water

      Sand the inside of the jar lids to rough up the surface, then used epoxy to adhere figurines and trees to the inside of the lid.

      Fill jar almost to the top with water then add a dash of glitter (not too much). Add some glycerin, which will keep the glitter from falling too quickly. Screw lid on tightly, being careful not to disturb items inside. Put a little clear epoxy around outside the lid if you are worried about leaks. Enjoy the “snowy” wonderland!

      P.S. I also read that crushed egg shells will make good “snow.”

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