It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Thaaaaaat’s right! Christmas! December is here, and my ever-delightful editor and I thought it was time to let in the Christmas spirit. So, with iTunes jingling out some cool yule music, we set to work, like the good little elves that we are.

Here are some pretty Christmas ornaments hanging in the window of my cube. (Ornaments courtesy of the Beverly Hotz collection.)

Some more pretty ornaments on display in Beverly's office window.


Beverly's office

My little cubicle window. (Please ignore the messy desk and copious amounts of sticky notes.)

Come on—who doesn’t love a good set of glittery white lights? If I could, I’d leave them up all year round (and in my college dorm room, I did). 

Sparkly snowflakes!

At this time of year, I revert right back to my 5-year-old self, and cannot concentrate on anything. Twinkling lights just give me yet another distraction.

Plus, we got about 8” of snow over the weekend, so it’s definitely a marshmallow world out there. It doesn’t matter at all that I had to dig my car out this morning, then pour hot water over my windshield wipers to melt the ice. Why? Because I get into work, I plug in my Christmas lights, and all is well. Ho ho ho!


One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. Ok… so it took me almost a week to see that you posted photos of our glorious office spaces. What a festive atmosphere we have created for our fellow co-workers! Nice. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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