A fun pop culture craft

Have a box of VHS tapes sitting around in the basement (like me)? Ever wonder what you can do with some of them? Well, make a sprial-bound notebook cover, of course!

Instructions can be found here.  Of course, kids nowadays only know “tape” as something that holds the wrapping paper on their Christmas presents, but for us older folks who remember VCR’s, it’s a fun way to preserve a few pop culture memories. I have a Popples tape that I think I’m gonna have to dig out…

I found this neat little craft on a site called Instructables. It’s an interesting DIY website, with instructions for, well, a very random spectrum of things, like how to open a bottle with a ring, how to make a watermelon keg (man, I woulda loved that in college), even recipes. You can also ask questions that other members of the community can answer.

This Thread Rack would make a great weekend project for all you sewers out there.

There are some things you can only access if you’re a Pro member (which means $$), but mostly everything else on the site is free.

Explore, have fun, and of course, happy crafting. Send some pics if you create anything.


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