Trendy Indie: Hooked on Handmade

I discovered another little gem of a website: Trendy Indie. This site is an Etsy-like concept in that you create your own products and sell them through your own little storefront. Here’s the story:

            “Over the past few years, our creators have bought and sold many of their own handmade products through several different venues. During this time, they realized that there was a definite need for a place designed with the artist in mind first. This is where the inspiration for Trendy Indie started: A marketplace of independent artists for trendy shoppers.

            Our concept is simple: tailor the venue to the artist so that people of extraordinary talent can showcase their creations to buyers all around the globe. At Trendy Indie, we keep selling your labor of love as simple as possible, no listing fees, no backend commissions; Just one flat monthly fee to have your own Trendy Indie shop and be a part of a community of artists just like you.”

Pretty cool, no? Some of the stuff is a bit out there for me, but you can tell the artists really care about what they’re creating, and there are so many products I’ve got on my list of things to buy. There is jewelry, accessories, handbags, apparel, baby things, art, home decor, vintage, green and organic items, needlework/sewing/quilting, things for pets, wedding favors…you name it!

With the right outfit, I think I could totally rock this Pink Blossom Necklace, and I would love this adorable Elephant Clutch.

My dogs would never tolerate being dressed up, but this little doggy cape made me laugh.

I love cuff bracelets, and this Studded Typewriter Cuff  is just funky enough to add a little edge. And speaking of funky, this Rhinestone Steampunk Ring is so awesome I want it right now. And is there anything cuter than a little bald baby girl in a headband?

We all know how important (and just plain cool) it is to support artists and buy handmade. My best friend works on Bead Unique magazine, and I support her all the time by wearing jewelry she makes for me (haha!). Their stuff is different, and though it may echo the current trends, it’s not mass produced, so it will always set you apart from everyone else. Plus, artisans who work out of their homes are not likely to be able to pick up and go to sell their creations at art shows and craft fairs, and many artists and crafters do not want to get lost in huge auction-style sites or sites that are more competitive than community-based. This site is also perfect for stay-at-home moms, and artists can set up shop in just a day.

Sellers can take advantage of unlimited product listing for life at a reduced monthly rate. For more info, click here.

If you have a few moments to spare, definitely click around the site, maybe buy something, then rock the handmade.


One thought on “Trendy Indie: Hooked on Handmade

  1. Hey — thanks Noelle! I am on Etsy, Artfire, and 1000 Markets, as well as my own site. I am going to check this one out . . . it is affordable for sure. Going there now to poke around a little and see who’s there. Feb was a great issue!


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