Did you know?

March is National Craft Month. As if we needed an excuse to craft! Normally I do my punch needle projects sitting on the couch while watching TV with my family. However, if I could pick ANYWHERE to go to spark my imagination, it would be Paris. Yes, I know, everyone wants to go to Paris, but with good reason.

When I was in college studying art history, I was so drawn to the stories by the master painters who studied and learned together. I did have the opportunity to visit Paris six years ago and wander the cobblestone roads where these artists set up their easels. Today you will still find artists seeking their own inspiration there.

We invite you to use one of these days of National Craft Month to write 100 words or less and tell us where your dream place for creative inspiration would be. Submit a comment with your thoughts by March 30, 12 pm, Eastern Standard Time. We will select 5 entries to be awarded a gift of color: the 36-count BIC Mark-It Ultra-Fine Permanent Marker Color Collection.


8 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. I always wanted to go to Peru. Every time I see photos and videos of that country, I admire all the color that these people have on their fabrics, compared to the gray contrast of their towns. The history of the country is incredible too…maybe one day, I will make the trip there.

  2. Oh, March! That lovely month when seasons & moods start to change, there’s occasion to be inside and outside, working on craft projects of many kinds. If I could escape to anywhere, it would be a thatched cottage in Ireland, probably on the sparse Aran Islands, enjoying the rain, the wind, the scenery, the peace & quiet that comes from very limited phone & internet access, but lots of tea, Guinness, fresh brown bread, friendly neighbors and arts & craft supplies to work on new and unfinished projects.

  3. I have always dreamed of going to Sedona, Arizona to sit among the red rock and desert landscape and watch a sunset. I imagine the solitude and songs of nature re-energizing my soul and my creative core. To watch the skyline change from high contrast of yellow sun, blue sky and red rock to a more analgous colour scheme of deep purples, burnt umbers and tangerine.

    Wow! Just thinking about my dream place for creative inspiration has inspired me! Thanks!!!

  4. My dream place for creative inspiration would be any urban center. I find sitting back and observing the hustle and bustle to be very inspiring. Cultural centers like Brooklyn and Seattle are overflowing with creative and interesting shops, people, cafes and parks and waterfronts. So much energy and color to take in would inspire anyone!

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  6. I would be inspired in London. Stitching is popular in the UK and I’d feel right at home! The UK also hosts very big stitch and craft shows…I would attend them all for inspiration!

    • If you are dreaming of all the wonderful designs you could create with the markers, then submit a few sentences telling us about them. Your entry could win, and in a month from now, you could be doodling with all those glorious markers!

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