Clean Sweep Item #1!

Just in time for Easter!

The Create & Decorate offices receive many wonderful items—anything from sewing product, to crafting tools, to books—to review for our readers. For fun we have decided to offer these items to our blog fans (for free) in weeks to come, so be sure to check back with us to see what is available next. My father always told me, “Nothing is free. There’s always a catch.” He’s right! If you would like to have the four (shown above) DEGGorating Party and Flower Power Egg Decorating Kits from PAAS, then send us a comment about your favorite Easter egg decorating memory. We promise to have the kits to the randomly selected winner in time to dip your eggs!


2 thoughts on “Clean Sweep Item #1!

  1. My favorite time decorating eggs was spent with my mother. We used an old stocking, filled it with eggs and onion skins. We made beautiful Easter eggs like that!

    • Create & Decorate readers love to try any type of staining while being creative… what a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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