A sunny disposition

“Garden folks have the sunniest smiles.”

Early this morning I wandered into the yard to cut a bouquet of daffodils for our Easter centerpiece. Wearing my daughter’s green flip-flops, and my bathrobe (no visible neighbors!), I went garden to garden in the damp grass carefully selecting the stems.

I originally tried to use a glass frog at the bottom of the large coffee pot, but the blooms looked stiff, so I opted for a medium size juice glass to group them in instead. A tall cordial glass fit perfectly in the smaller pot.

Please accept this garden smile — and the sunny disposition that goes along with it!

A joyous Easter to you all.


3 thoughts on “A sunny disposition

  1. Hello Hotzenfeffer,
    One of my favorite flowers is Daffodils…Oh how I miss the Northeast. Thanks for posting the happy little flowers. Have a great day!


  2. I love early mornings…..I go out everyday before sunrise to see my dogs and give them treats….they bounce and jounce for me and I feel so loved….the air is awesome then.

    I love these daffodils…I have never seen any growing in real life….so I look forward to that one day!

    In Florida it seems we go from cold to hot….no in between. Some of the spring flowers never have a chance here.

    • I agree, Rosemary, the early morning is the best part of the day! I love how quiet the morning is where I live, and enjoy listening to the birds and bugs in their morning routine. Since Florida doesn’t have this type of spring flower, I am happy to have shared mine with you. 🙂

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