Riddle me this

Trusty and I spent some time wandering around a few antique shops the other day and came across this electric ‘mixer’. We know we have some experts out there, and we thought it would be fun to ask our readers to answer this (“Riddle me this, Batman…”): What was the green attachment at the top of this mixer used for?

We are still receiving responses… but check out what we have so far! Keep those guesses coming!


15 thoughts on “Riddle me this

  1. I collect early electric mixers, so no problem identifying a Sunbeam Mixmaster with jadeite juice extractor bowl. If you had shown the reamer inside, everyone would have figured it out 🙂
    These bowls flummox lots of people. I’ve seen them listed on eBay over the years as
    1. Rare jadeite hanging planter with drain spout. This one had been outfitted with a macrame hanger and was filled with artificial plants.
    2. Lampshade with light condensing side tube.
    3. Base for the mixer’s motor.
    4. (and my favorite) Rare jadeite dentist’s spit sink.
    Figuring out what some of these things are is part of the fun.
    Great picture of the Mixmaster!

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Nancy! You’re a Mixmaster Master! The hanging planter with drain spout is pretty out there, but really very clever, actually…

  2. I believe that attachment was used to pour liquids into the dry ingredients to keep from making a big mess! Wish some of the new manufacturers would take another look at the old ideas! They might learn something!

  3. I believe it is the sausage grinder/stuffer thingy. You would put a sausage casing on the tube and then put cubed meat in the green vessel. As the meat gets ground up it goes into the casing and you get homemade sausage.

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