Thank you, Facebook friends!

We’re running a fun and exciting Facebook contest/giveaway/incentive/you name it what you want thingy.

In such a short amount of time, Create & Decorate has gained nearly 1000 Facebook group members! THANK YOU for your support, and for all the funny and inspirational posts and messages.To show our appreciation, we will randomly select one lucky member to receive this bunch of awesomely crafty books, each about a medium you see featured in our magazine:

And don’t get us wrong–we’re THRILLED with how far we’ve come. Buuut…we’re greedy! And like Oliver says, “Please, sir, I want some more.” So, from now until April 23rd, the RACE IS ON to see which C&D member can invite the MOST PEOPLE to join our group. Beverly and I will be scouring our favorite antique shops for a junktastically fun surprise to send your way if you’re the winner.

If you’re already a member of our totally kickin’ group, then bring your friends to the party! If you’re not a member (click here, or simply search Create & Decorate), well, then, you simply must join! (Please?) And then, bring your friends!! And don’t forget–if someone encourages you to join the Create & Decorate group, send either Beverly Hotz or I a message (on Facebook) to let us know who did!


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