It’s that time again… Flashback Friday #2

It’s Flashback Friday! With summer in full swing, it’s feelin’ hot, hot, hot. So find a cool spot, grab some crafting supplies–and some icy lemonade–and make this adorable Bumblebee Bucket from designer Mary Ayres. And remember to check back again next week for another design from the totally awesome and crafty Create & Decorate archives!

Bumblebee Bucket

Designed by Mary Ayres

As sweet as honey, a buzzing bumblebee lands on a rustic crochet “hive,” easily wrapped around a small metal bucket. This embellished piece makes a handy little container for your next tea party or picnic.


• 6” x 51⁄2” metal bucket*

Forster Woodsies & Jumbo Woodsies Wood Shapes in 21⁄2” Teardrop and        3⁄4”-diameter Circle

Toner Plastics, Inc. 24-gauge Fun Wire in Icy Gold and Matte Black

• Off-white buttons, two 3⁄4” diameter and one 1⁄2” diameter

Nunn Design Metal Flower

Plaid Anna Griffin Flower Rubber Stamp


Americana Acrylics in Light Cinnamon, Soft Black, Warm White

Dazzling Metallics Acrylics in Antique Gold and Copper

Multi-Purpose Sealer

Weathered Wood Crackling Medium

Royal & Langnickel Paintbrushes in Series 425 Nos. 5 and 8 square, Series 985 No. 1 Angular Sash Bristle

Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

• Ball of jute, dry sponge, eyelet setter, hand sewing needle, hemp cord    (black), hole punches (1⁄16” and 3⁄16” diameter), homespun fabric, inkpads (brown and black), gauze-type fabric (a scrap), mini round black paper fastener, paper towels, round gold eyelets (two 3⁄16” diameter), sandpaper, scissors, size K crochet hook, thread (black), two coordinating printed cardstocks, water

*Available through the paint department of most local hardware stores.


1. Sand bucket to rough up finish. Wipe clean with a damp paper towel.

2. Apply one coat of Multi-Purpose Sealer to the bucket to prepare it for paint.  Apply a few coats of Light Cinnamon on the bucket until coverage is opaque, allowing adequate drying time between applications. Drybrush Copper and then Warm White on surface and edges of bucket. To do this dip a dry bristle brush in paint, wipe brush on a paper towel until it is almost dry, and then wipe brush across edges.

3. To create the background square for the bucket, chain eleven stitches using the jute. Beginning in second chain from the hook, make a single crochet in each of the chain stitches (a total of ten single crochet). Chain one. Repeat single crochet row for ten more rows (eleven rows total). End off and leave jute ends long. Attach separate pieces of jute to the remaining corners of the square. Place jute square on center of bucket and tie jute ends together in back.

4. Paint the Teardrop for the bee body with Soft Black. Let dry. Apply one coat of Weathered Wood Crackling Medium on the front side of the Teardrop. Let dry. Apply one coat of Antique Gold on top of the Weathered Wood Crackle Medium. Notice that the cracks will appear as the paint dries. Paint the Circle for the head using the same technique, switching Soft Black and Antique Gold.

5. Wrap black hemp cord unevenly around bee body, gluing ends in back. Glue bee head to top of body. Cut a 3-1/2” diameter circle from gauze-type fabric. Scrunch center of circle and glue to back of bee body for wings. Pull thread strands around edges of wings.  Bend a 3” piece of black wire in half and bend ends to make antennae shape. Glue antennae to back of head. Glue bee to bucket, angled on jute square.

6. Stamp flower on cardstock with black ink. Cut a rectangle around flower and trim top corners diagonally to make tag shape. Antique edges of tag with brown ink, using a small piece of dry sponge. Punch a 3⁄16”-dia. hole in top of tag and attach eyelet. Sew 1/2” diameter button to center of flower using the black thread.

7. Using a different cardstock, cut a rectangle that is larger than the Metal Flower and trim top corners diagonally to make tag shape. Antique edges of tag with brown ink.  Punch a 3⁄16” diameter hole in top of tag and attach eyelet. Place Metal Flower on tag and punch a 1⁄16” diameter hole in center. Attach the Metal Flower to the tag using the black paper fastener through the hole.

8. Tear 1-1/2” strips from the homespun fabric strips. Then tie around ends of handle. Attach tags to one side of handle using pieces of gold wire. Sew 3⁄4” buttons to ends of handle using the black thread and the hand sewing needle.


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