Play-cation: Day Two

Well, another day filled with antiques, junk, memorabilia, and everything in between has sadly come to an end. We saw so many wonderful things, including tons of blue Ball jars (favorites for both of us), old chippy chairs, cabinets, shutters (and everything else that could possibly be chippy), wonderfully ornate antique silverware, hand blown glass, nautical themed items…the list goes on and on and on. So many treasures, so little time.

Beverly took this photo of a very clever display idea:

Simply poke earrings, pins, or cuff links (using a hole punch if necessary) through different playing cards, then stack in a rusty dish drainer or basket and presto chango! You have a fun and creative way to package your work.

But as much fun as we’ve been having, all good things must come to an end, don’t you agree? I think this photo says it all…


3 thoughts on “Play-cation: Day Two

  1. What a fun way to end your trip! Sad, that all good things must end…but we really enjoyed your journies! What a fun way to share what’s happening at Create and Decorate! I think you need more trips!

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