Flashback Friday #3

Although Noelle and I have been MIA (very busy with the upcoming Holiday and December issues) since our return from Brimfield, we couldn’t let another Friday go by without serving up another blast from the past. Stitch quickly people, the glass of summer is only half full!

Folk Art Garden Pots
Designed by Rebekah Meier


National Nonwovens WoolFelt in Black, Champagne, Grandma’s Garnet, Old Gold, Ragtime Blue, 1/4 yd. of each

DMC Embroidery Floss in black, gold, navy blue, red


No. 8 Straight Scissors

Comfort Grip Micro-Tip Scissors

Softgrip Scallop Fabric Shears

Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Rit Dye in Tan

• Antiquing medium (brown), assorted brads, bias tape (optional), clay pots (three), cosmetic sponges, disappearing ink marker, embroidery needle, glue dots (optional), jute twine, paper towels, ruler, spray bottle, water, wooden embroidery hoop (2-1/2” diameter), yarn (optional)


For pattern, see below. (Psst: Drag pattern image to your desktop to print.)

Note: To prevent permanent creases or lines left from wooden embroidery hoop, wrap the inner circle with yarn or bias tape before beginning. Three strands of Embroidery Floss and the embroidery needle were used for all embroidery. A good working length of

floss is 16”. Use the brown antiquing medium and the cosmetic sponges to age the clay pots. Wipe excess off with paper towels. After each pot wrap is completed, spray with a diluted solution of three parts water to one part Tan Dye. Allow to air dry.

Liberty Pot Wraps

1. Trace oval pattern onto Champagne WoolFelt using the disappearing

ink marker.

2. Place traced oval piece into wooden embroidery hoop. Using navy blue floss, backstitch on the traced oval line.

3. Using disappearing ink marker, write “Liberty” on the interior of the traced oval. Alternating red and navy blue floss, backstitch the traced “Liberty” letters.

4. Trace the accent line with leaves below “Liberty” using the disappearing ink marker. Using navy blue floss, backstitch the accent line below “Liberty.” Using the gold floss, backstitch the small leaves.

5. Remove embroidered WoolFelt from embroidery hoop.

6. Using the Scallop Fabric Shears, cut around the oval, close to the embroidered blue line. Using Permanent Adhesive, adhere the cut embroidered Liberty oval onto a slightly larger piece of Grandma’s Garnet WoolFelt. Cut Grandma’s Garnet WoolFelt piece close to the Liberty oval.

7. Attach one brad to each side of the WoolFelt oval. Cut two 30” pieces of twine. Wrap one twine piece around each brad. Wrap twine ties around pot and tie and trim excess. Use a glue dot to hold the pot wrap in place if necessary.

Glory Pot Wrap

1. Repeat cutting and embroidery steps for oval as listed above.

2. Trace and cut the following from WoolFelt: crow from Black, hat from Ragtime Blue, and heart from Grandma’s Garnet.

3. Using red floss, backstitch “Glory.”

4. Center crow onto oval and tack in place using Permanent Adhesive. Using small, straight stitches and black floss, attach the crow and wing to the oval.

5. Repeat step 4 and attach hat with navy blue floss, and heart with red floss.

6. Using black floss, backstitch a small traced line between the heart and the beak of the crow.

7. Finish the pot wrap by cutting around the ovals with the Scallop Fabric Shears and layering. Attach brads and twine and wrap around pot.

Round Star Pot Wrap

1. Cut star from Old Gold WoolFelt. Cut a piece of Grandma’s Garnet WoolFelt slightly larger than the wooden embroidery hoop. Place the cut WoolFelt into the hoop.

2. Tack the star to the cut circle from Grandma’s Garnet WoolFelt with navy blue floss with random straight stitches.

3. Trace circle pattern onto Grandma’s Garnet WoolFelt, centering star. Cut around the edges using Scallop Fabric Shears.

4. Using Permanent Adhesive, tack Grandma’s Garnet circle to a hoop-sized piece of Ragtime Blue WoolFelt.

5. Using gold floss, embroider small stitches at each scallop. Trim with Scalloped Fabric Shears.

6. Adhere layered, Ragtime Blue embroidered circle to Champagne WoolFelt. Trim around Champagne circle with Scallop Fabric Shears.

7. Attach brads and twine to circle as previously done. Attach a brad through the middle of the WoolFelt star. Wrap finished pot wrap around pot. Tie a bow and trim excess if necessary


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