Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Every year when I come to the realization that summer is at its halfway mark, a little pang of panic sets in, and the ‘shoulda-woulda-coulda’ list rattles itself off in my mind. This year the panicky, rattling list is telling me: I should have had a yard sale to clean out my closets. I would have loved to have spent time at the beach. I could have used a couple of vacation days to paint my daughter’s bedroom.

As I mentioned last Friday, the glass of summer is only half empty. We all should make the most of the remaining season. The Summer Book by Susan Branch is a perfect guide for the rest of these sunny, hot, and humid days. Beautifully illustrated and handwritten by Susan Branch, this book is also filled with nostalgic little anecdotes of childhood and family, recipes, and ideas on how to make the most of your summer.

Here is your homework assignment: Delight in the moment any day of this week. Really savor it, and make a memory out of it. The following is a kick start:

An Old-Fashioned Picnic Menu

(The Summer Book, page 97):

Bread & butter pickles

Pitted black olives

Celery stuffed with cream cheese, sprinkled with paprika

Salted radishes & green onions

Stuffed eggs

Fried chicken

Potato salad

Bean salad

Waldorf salad

Watermelon slices

Strawberry shortcake

Blueberry pie

Coconut layer cake

Iced tea with lemon, sugar & mint

Homemade lemonade

A  jar of water for just-picked wildflowers

Be picnic-inspired and select a few of your favorites (no need to stick to the basic food groups – this is a vacation menu!), pack all items carefully into a basket (for the complete picnic experience), take along some of your favorite folks to spend time with, and relish the time well spent.

Noelle and I expect you to check back in and share an update of your summer fun!

~My apologies for the dark photograph, but I was making the most of my early summer evening, and the daylight got away from me! 🙂


One thought on “Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

  1. I love these little memos and messages you send! Fun and inspiring for the moment! I love Susan Branch, and am always glad to see her work…thanks for sharing!
    Take care, c.

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