Cookies for Santa – cookie contest!

Announcing the Create & Decorate 2010 cookie contest!

You ought to be in pictures… and your cookies should be, too. Enter our Cookies for Santa cookie contest and you may be selected to have your recipe featured in the December 2010 issue of Create & Decorate!

Entering is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Whip up a batch of your family’s favorite Christmas cookies.

2. Take a digital photograph of your culinary expertise.

3. Email your digital picture along with your family cookie recipe (ingredients and instructions, please.) to All entries must be submitted by email on or before Monday, August 16th. If the recipe is not a unique family recipe, please list your source.

photo from

*We pride ourselves at being nondiscriminatory toward all baked goods. However, no pies, bars, or cakes will be included in this contest. Just cookies. 🙂 Thank you!*

Of course, as with any good contest, we will have a prize or two to lure you in. We will be posting again soon to tease you with those. Evil, aren’t we?

This contest is only available to our blog followers and facebook friends as a thank you for your support and interest in Create & Decorate. It’s never too late to join our facebook group! Search for us as Create & Decorate.

On your mark, get set,… bake!

If not an original family recipe, please list your source.

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