Flashback Friday #5 – Prim Posy

The latest project pulled from the Create & Decorate vault is a perfect weekend stitching craft! The materials listed may easily be substituted with fabric and notions from your stash. Enjoy!

Potted Flower Picture

Designed by Annie Lippincott

Featured in Create & Decorate, April 2005


• 11” x 13” frame of choice

• Moda United Notions 9” x 10” piece of Prairie Cloth in Cinnamon

• Scraps of tea-dyed cotton print fabrics in cream for the flower pot, peach for the rim, green for the stem, purple for the petals, rust for the flower center

• 9” x 10” piece of polyfil batting

• 9” x 10” piece of backing fabric

• 13” x 15” beige and cream striped background fabric

• DMC Embroidery Floss in No. 310 Black, No. 356 Medium Terra Cotta, No. 408 Rust, No. 839 Dark Beige Brown, No. 937 Medium Avocado Green, No. 3740 Dark Antique Violet, No. 3802 Very Dark Antique Mauve, No. 3820 Dark Straw, No. 3842 Dark Wedgwood

• Old ivory buttons in various sizes, six

• Olde World Reflections No. BE-03 Large Brown Glass Beads, nine

• Just Another Button Co. Medium Orange Ladybug Polymer Button, No.1156.M

• Straight pins, scissors, ruler, embroidery needle, disappearing ink marker


For pattern, see below. (Drag the image onto your computer desktop to print.)

1. To create the three-layer quilted square, layer the 9” x 10” piece of backing fabric with right side down, the polyfil batting (trimmed to be recessed 1⁄16” all the way around), and the prairie cloth with right side up. Pin all three layers together.

2. Using six strands of embroidery floss in color of choice (see color photo of finished project for guidance) and the embroidery needle, baste through all three layers with long running stitches along all sides. To add interest, change colors of embroidery floss as you go and stitch in a haphazard manner. Remove pins.  Bind all sides with six strands of embroidery floss, the embroidery needle, and a whipstitch, again changing colors and binding in a haphazard manner.

3. Using the disappearing ink marker, transfer the patterns to the following scraps of fabrics: flower pot to cream, rim to peach, stem to green, petals to purple, flower center to rust. Cut out fabric pieces.

4. Position the stem on the layered square and baste in place. Use four strands of embroidery floss and the embroidery needle (varying the color as you go) to whipstitch the stem in place. The raw edges will disappear as you go, and again, the stitches do not have to be even. Continue with each piece in the following order: flowerpot, rim, flower, flower center.

5. Using the embroidery needle and No. 310 Black embroidery floss, attach the Ladybug Button to the bottom right side of the flowerpot. Using the embroidery needle and No. 3842 Dark Wedgwood, attach the ivory buttons across the flowerpot rim.  Using the embroidery needle and No. 937 Medium Avocado Green, attach the brown glass beads within the flower center.

Please note that the outline on the pattern for the cinnamon fabric has been cut off accidentally. Please be sure to measure your fabric for happy results!


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