A big ‘ol cup of Carpe Diem

As you all know, Beverly and I have been on a quest this summer to seize the moment; to delight in those rare minutes when you can breathe and soak in just, well, being.

One of our favorite ways to steal a little bit of bliss is to go get ourselves a nice, frosty frozen coke.

Mmmmm, that's good slurpee.

(My apologies for the sub-par picture. Cell phone cameras and poor office lighting don’t mix. )

You can’t really tell, but that little slushy delight you see there is a mix of coke and root beer. I always mix my slushies, and I convinced Beverly to try it this time. You should try it, too–it’s quite a flavor explosion.

It might not be the healthiest carpe diem, but it sure is tasty. And, the convenience store that is within walking distance of our office has half-price slushies after 3 o’clock. 54 cents! Score!

And now, it’s back to work. But, I have my frozen deliciousness to help ease the pain.


5 thoughts on “A big ‘ol cup of Carpe Diem

  1. Oh, brain freeze! They are yummy though! That’s awful close to temptation! ha….Just a hop skip and jump away!

    • Lana, you must get one soon. It’s just something so simple and takes you right back to being a kid. Plus, they’re just so yummy!

      And yes, Beverly and I probably have way more fun than is appropriate 🙂

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