I smell a contest…

Hands at Work: Portraits & Profiles of People Who Work With Their Hands (Photography by Summer Moon Scriver, Stories by Iris Graville)

We’re giving away a copy of this wonderful book! If you would like to join the contest, head over to our Facebook group page. You must be a group member to win, so if you’re not already a member, please join! It’s totally free, and we have a fantastic, growing community!

To get to our Facebook group page, simply log in to Facebook, search “Create & Decorate,” then go to our page and click “Join.” Easy!

Scriver’s photographs are mesmerizing, and the stories Graville included will give you new insight into the world of blacksmiths, weavers, midwives, mechanics, musicians, bakers, even reef net fishermen. I came away with an all new appreciation for tillers of soil, makers of piccolos, and vibraphonists–yes, vibraphonists. (Now you need this book just to find out what that is!)

This is definitely a book you want to own.

Happy Friday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “I smell a contest…

    • Hi Lynn! Are you on Facebook? If you are, all you have to do is join the Create & Decorate group and post a photo of something you created. If you head on over there, you’ll be able to see all the wonderfully creative things our group members are posting!

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