Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. –George Eliot

Judging by everything Beverly and I have read on Facebook, and seeing the beautiful pictures our friends and C&D group members have posted of their autumn decorating, we know that a whole big bunch of you out there just love all things fall–myself wholeheartedly included. (Bev is learning to embrace it, too. She has no choice, really. Not with me around.) Every season has its own beauty and personality, but there is just something about fall. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved this season. From kicking through leaf piles, to chilly morning giving way to warm afternoon (then right back down to chilly night), to apples and cider and hayrides. And if it’s pumpkin-flavored? Forget it, I’m sold. I always feel so happy in the fall, even though I know winter is right around the corner.

So, why not keep a little piece of the season intact? The golds, the reds, the oranges–they may be kept all year round by simply finding some pretty leaves and pressing them. All you need is leaves (duh),  wax paper, a thin towel, scissors, and an iron. Could it be simpler? I don’t think so.

Flatten leaf and allow to dry out overnight (placing it between two sheets of paper then setting underneath a heavy book works well). Place the dry leaf between two sheets of wax paper, leaving room to trim and seal. Cover wax paper with thin towel, then with a dry iron on medium heat, iron gently over wax paper/leaf for about 10 seconds. The wax paper will “trap” the leaf, preserving it. Magic! Trim away excess wax paper, or trim around leaf itself, then be creative! Punch holes through the top of wax paper, thread with string, and hang. You could even thread a few leaves and make a leaf garland. Find some pretty antique or rusty frames and frame leaves in different sizes and colors, then hang them on the wall or group on a shelf or table. Or, try printing out a fall poem on lightly tea-stained paper. Place some wax paper leaves artfully around poem, then frame. Try scattering some pressed leaves over your Thanksgiving table, or place some in the windows. See, endless possibilities!


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