Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel. – Author Unknown

With all of the Thanksgiving meal preparations, I sometimes lose sight of what I am truly thankful for. I am most grateful for my children. They fill my heart with love and joy (although the teenage years were certainly a trial), and I am truly thankful to have been blessed with them. When they were small it seemed as though we made a new creation for every holiday. Below is a captured memory of Thanksgiving turkeys they made with their cousins. We wanted to share this idea since it is such a fun project (for all ages) and only takes about an hour to complete with materials that are probably in your stash. Your kids will be entertained throughout the day animating their turkeys and give you enough time to relax and enjoy that second piece of pie.


For the body of the turkey we used one-size-fits-all stretchy gloves (since the kids hands were tiny), but you certainly could use some of those misfit gloves that were once favorites but have since lost their mates. Here are some of my favorite lonely gloves waiting to be utilized:

Using different colors of felt, cut four feather shapes the length of each finger of one side of the glove. Cut another piece of felt in the shape of a wing. The thumb will become the head for the turkey. Cut one waddle from red felt, and a beak shape from gold felt. We used googly eyes for extra personality, but you could use felt, or even a permanent marker or paint pen to create the eyes.

You may want to precut the felt pieces depending on the ages of children you are working with, and also consider what type of glue to use. We decided to use a hot glue gun, so an adult was responsible for that task. Using hot glue allowed us assembly line speed, and enabled the children to play with their turkeys as soon as the glue cooled.

After the pie is gone take time to play along with your children, little or grown, whether it be with glove turkeys or a game of cards.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. – George Bernard Shaw


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