There. Now that I have your attention…

I know it seems as if we have endless conversations about cookies, but I don’t hear anyone complaining, so I’ll just keep blogging about them until someone duct tapes my hands to my sides.

In the December issue of Create & Decorate, we ran a Cookies for Santa cookie contest. Our second place winner, Linda Stubbs, was inspired to create a free cookie cookbook. How neat is that? Click here to get the recipe for Linda’s Homespun Snowman cookies, and click here to go to visit Linda’s blog, Prairie Flower Farm. (To download the cookbook, just click on the Prairie Flower Farm Cookie Cookbook picture on the right-hand side of her blog’s homepage, up at the top.)

It’s the perfect time of year to get your bakin’ on, and there are so many good recipes to try! (Peppermint Meringues! Chocolate Star Cookies! Cherry Swirl Brownies! White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies!)

This is one of the nicest things Beverly and I have discovered about the online world–the sharing of ideas, recipes, tips, and tricks. You may not actually know everyone, but it’s nice to know a supportive little community exists out there, isn’t it?

Thanks, Linda, for putting this cookbook together and sharing all these wonderful recipes with the online world! And thanks to all the cookie-lovin’ folks out there that shared their recipes with Linda 🙂



  1. You girls are soooooooo precious! Thank you for blogging about our Cookie Cookbook. When I blogged about your contest…and I won 2nd place…I had a party. I asked all the ladies what was their traditional cookie for CHRISTmas. Everyone was liking the sounds of the recipe and it was born! The winners received your magazine and a handmade cookie. I hope you have been getting some subscriptions. Thank you so for being so kind and posting about us. You are a really neat company…I never knew when I decided to enter that my life would be forever changed!

    Hugs and have a blessed CHRISTmas!
    Prairie Flower Farm

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