A sweet Valentine treat

Looking for a fun, quick valentine craft? Noelle and I both got such a kick out of the Valentine Lollipops created by Kathleen Paneitz for the February 2011 issue of Create & Decorate, that we thought we would share them on the blog as well (find instructions and pattern below). Although the instructions are for a guilt-free treat, we think they would be equally sweet to create them as little pockets to insert a lollipop into, and give as a little Valentine gift to friends or coworkers.

Yesterday a subscriber to the magazine called to let me know that she was having a difficult time finding straight pins like Kathleen used to embellish the hearts. Since Noelle and I had just received goodies from our recent trip to New York City, and came home with new product from K&Company, we each had a package of these fun Decorative Pins. Although I am sending one package to our subscriber, Lelani, we still have one more package that we would like to send to one of YOU to craft with! In addition, our prize giveaways are growing now, with embellishments, and a paper craft book!

To enter your name in our drawing (winner selected on Valentine’s Day), comment back to us listing as many words you can create out of the word ‘valentine’.

(I know, we can be ridiculous sometimes!) We won’t post your comments/entries until Monday, February 14 (you got it – Valentine’s Day!) so that you won’t be tempted to sneak-cheat answers.

And now, without further delay, here are the Valentine Lollipop instructions: 🙂

Valentine Lollipops

Designed by Kathleen Paneitz


For product information, see sources on page 76.

-The Kunin Group felt in Baby Pink, Camel, Champagne, Deep Rose, Lemon Frost, and Walnut

-Wilton cookie sticks

-Prima Marketing Inc. paper flowers in Camelot Roses Squire*

-Martha Stewart Crafts pink felt appliqué stickers (birds)


Clear Heart Stamps in Lasting Love

Pinking shears

-American Crafts MiniMarks Marilyn font Rub-On Transfers in Chestnut*

-Avery marking tags

-Ranger Ink Distress Ink in Antique Linen

-Pink heart straight pins (or colored ball straight pins of choice)

-Making Memories ribbons:

-Lizzie Funky Vintage Trims in Brown, Pink &Yellow Stripe

-Ruby Funky Vintage Trims in Aqua Double Loop & Ivory Crochet

-Audrey Trim from Noteworthy Collection in Pink Velvet w/ Satin Border

-Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Adhesive, Fairfield Processing Soft Touch Poly-fil Supreme Fiberfill

scissors, sewing machine and thread

*Available through Two Peas in a Bucket.


For pattern, see below.

Note: Refer to color photo for placement.

1. Cut heart shapes from various colored felts.

2. Stitch heart shapes together, leaving an opening at the bottom to insert cookie stick and Poly-fil. Trim around heart edges with pinking shears.

3. Stuff hearts, then insert a cookie stick, applying some Fabri-Tac around end to secure.

4. Tie ribbons around cookie sticks at base of each heart (covering unstitched opening).

5. Adhere paper flowers and felt bird stickers to front of hearts. Cut very small hearts from Lemon Frost felt and adhere under birds’ beaks.

6. Stamp images and apply Rub-Ons to tags as desired. Age tags using Antique Linen Ink.

7. Pin tags to ribbons using pink heart pins (or straight pins of choice).


9 thoughts on “A sweet Valentine treat

  1. What a challenge- I came up with 75 words
    a,an,at,ail, ant, anti, ante,anvil,alien, alive,eat,even,evil, elan,elite,elven, I, inn,innate,intel,la,lie,lea, lain lie,let,lit,lite,live,lint,late,lave,lane,leave,leaven,lea,lean,
    leant,lee, nave,navel,nit,nite,nine,nail,nan,nee,neat,naive,
    ta,te,tie,tan,ten,tin,tail,tale,tee,tea,teen,teal,tile,tine,vale,veal,vile,veil,vain, vein,vine,vital,van,vent,valent,venial,venite.

    I did not use a dictionary or anagram programme. These are genuine words I know and use.

  2. What a fun valentine!
    live, lent, lint, line, lien, leave, alive, leant, lean, lane, veal, vale, vent, vein, vina, valient, neat, net, nile, eat, eve, elve, evil, a, at, ate, ale, ant, ante, event, ane, ain, teen, ten, tan, tale, tail, teal, teat, tine, vet, tile, tin, I, it, in, entail, nail, ail, lain, vain.

  3. lent

  4. Fun!! Thanks for the great tutorial and a great giveaway! Okay, here’s my list of words from “Valentine”:

    Vale, Val, Veil, Tin, Tine, In, Inn, Van, Ann, Anne, Ale, Tale, Tail, Teal, Veal, Vain, Vine, Vent, Ten, Tee, Teen, Tea, Talent, Eat, It, Late, Line, Lint, Live, Liven, Leaven, Lite, Lite, Latin, At, Ant, Ate, Eve, Even, Vet, Nine

    I’m sure there are more but my brain hurts now! Thanks for this great giveaway! Deb

  5. I have probably just scratched the surface….
    ten, net, tie, line, teal, live, nine, tine, tile, even, neat, lent, tale, teen, leave, lean, tin, lit, lie, lea, lain, lien, tan

  6. Hello, I hope this is where I am supposed to enter your contest! Here are my words made from VALENTINE
    1. It
    2. AT
    3. In
    4. ate
    5. eat
    6. tie
    7. tin
    8. tan
    9. teal
    10. teen
    11. tile
    12. late
    13. lean
    14. leave
    15. linen
    16. let
    17. Lee
    18. live
    19. lint
    20. lent
    21. lite
    22. neat
    23. nine
    24. navel
    25. nit
    26. net
    27. nail
    28. vine
    29. veil
    30. vital
    31. valet
    32. van
    33. vain
    34. veal
    35. vent
    36. evil
    37. ten
    38. even
    39. event
    40. vat
    38. vein
    39. vial
    44. inn

    I think that is all I can come up with now. I love this game ! I have always like playing this at showers and events!

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