A smile is nearly always inspired by another smile -Unkown

Happy weekend, everyone! The Create & Decorate staff is lucky enough to have a three day weekend (thank you, famous former Presidents) and I am determined to do some major spring cleaning with my extra time off. My daughter warns me that this is only February, and there is plenty of winter remaining. However, I actually saw a robin at the birdseed mound outside my kitchen window. Please encourage me and confirm that spring is approaching.

While working in my bedroom today I did get a welcome spring smile from my miniature indoor greenhouse. Tucked on the sunniest side of the greenhouse window is my Bolton Massachusetts Geranium (perhaps you remember the post last summer about this geranium). This little geranium cutting found its way indoors for winter and is thriving. I thought you would enjoy a geranium smile, too.  If you would like to read the origin of the Bolton Geranium and my original post from last summer, click here.

Now I’m off to conquer the tumbleweeds under my bed.


7 thoughts on “A smile is nearly always inspired by another smile -Unkown

  1. Oh what a lovely site, a flower! It’s -15C here and our poor birds are huddled around the feeder trying to stay warm, not a robin in sight! Thanks for sharing your lovely picture, have a great long weekend! Deb

  2. What a lovely bloom that is! It looks like honeysuckle pink, Pantone’s 2011 color of the year.

    I’m in the mood for spring cleaning too! Here in TN we’ve had several days of 50 – 60 degrees and partly sunny skies. Look out dust bunnies… here I come! 🙂

    • Hi Lana! Noelle and I have had this Pantone color referenced several times this week. Funny you should mention it. Please, please, PLEASE send the balmy temps our way! 🙂

      • Nice weather is on its way… I hope!
        It was sunny today, too, but I’ve been sick the last couple of days. Hope to be better by Saturday. My daughter and I try to do a day of thrifting out of town once a month. 🙂

  3. You were certainly gifted with a sweet little geranium, thanks for sharing this ‘spring smile’. It is certainly needed here today in Bolton, Ontario Canada where we haven’t seen any signs of spring as of yet. The cold winds are so strong we have had our fingers crossed to not lose power for a couple of days now. Happy cleaning!

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