It’s “What is it?” Wednesday!

Since Noelle and I frequently stumble upon curious finds when out treasure hunting in local junk shops, we thought it would be fun to start a “What is it?” Wednesday series. We can identify the item we are showing in the photograph, but have tried to show it at an interesting angle with hope of stumping you. I can’t promise that we will get a pic up of a new item every Wednesday, but today, here is “What is it?” Wednesday #1:

I have to admit that I believe this first puzzle is an easy one, however Noelle doesn’t agree, and confesses that she wouldn’t know what it was. So, let our silly game begin! Please post a comment as to what you believe our photograph is. We will post again this Friday with a full photo of the treasure, along with your comments.


23 thoughts on “It’s “What is it?” Wednesday!

  1. I think it’s an old vinyl record holder…The old 33, I think that is the size… lol, lol, things changed since back in my days. Thanks, Cookie

  2. A toast server. Your cook prepared the toast and put the slices in the rack. Your butler delivered it to your brekkie table and you partook or not. What was left was returned to the kitchen where the cook saved it for stuffing the bird, or pork chops, or for tomorrow’s brekkie. If it had been served too many days, or bird or pork chops were not on the menu, the leftovers would have been soaked in water and given to the family hounds.

  3. Likely because I am old, but it looks to me like a record holder for old records like 78’s or 33 1/3’s. Seems we used to own one of those. Jan in TN

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