“What is it?” Wednesday #2!

Back this week (by popular demand!), is our “What is it?” Wednesday challenge. We have once again supplied you with a close-up photograph of one of our junking treasures. Are you able to stretch your imagination and solve our puzzle? To play along, simply leave a comment below with your guess. We will post your answers and the full photograph of the item this Friday. You gotta love a little midweek nonsense!

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out our ‘It’s “What is it?” Wednesday‘ post from last week.


23 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #2!

  1. Ooooh…interesting! I’m guessing that is the wheel of a meat grinder. I can remember my Mom having one that clamped to the counter, although I can’t remember what she was grinding meat for???

  2. It’s a manual beater that you turn the handle. The little bit of red I see, that’s where you hold it with one hand and turn the beaters with the other hand.

  3. I do love this midweek nonsense, how fun. I think this is a rotary beater for mixing in a mixing bowl. Looks familiar to me.

    Jan Stutzman

  4. Okay, standing on my head, squinting my eyes, sticking out my tongue in deep thought ….. I’m going to say that it’s the gear wheel on an old hand mixer or egg beater??? Hope I’m right! Too much fun, thanks gals! Deb

  5. Besides being some torture tool for the kitchen :)~
    I’m guessing a weed/dirt churner for the garden.
    Grrr. good photo this week.. ugh

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