“What is it?” Wednesday #3 – Answer!

If you recall, I did tell you that we were going to make the next puzzle more difficult. Well, Noelle and I obviously made this #3 game too intimidating because only three readers were brave enough to post a comment! Hmm… as Salvador Dali said, “Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it.” (That translates into “Don’t be afraid to guess, friends!”)

Here is the full photo of the image of the “What is it?” Wednesday #3 treasure found in a local shop.

Now to make things even more entertaining, if you own a treasure that you would like to share with our readers for our “What is it?” Wednesday game, please email your high resolution, digital photo to editors@createanddecorate.com. We would enjoy to use your items for future guessing game posts!

Remember to check the answers from our brave guessers!

Until next time!