“What is it?” Wednesday #4

Ta-daaa! Here we are again—halfway to Friday. Noelle and I decided that we stumped too many of you last week, so we are hoping that we have made this week’s puzzle a little easier, and more fun for you to take a guess!

Well, what is it?

Leave your guess as a comment to this post, and we will (once again) post the results, and guesses, on Friday!


26 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #4

  1. Yikes, easier?! I think you’ve stumped me again! Okay, square holes, wire and metal, hmmmm…maybe a grater or a veggie cutter of some shape or form? Really guessing here, thanks for the fun! Deb

  2. This looks like a potato slicer to me. My grandma used to use something like this to make french fries, hers had a little heftier blade. Perhaps this one is for cutting cheese into cubes.
    Thanks my guess 🙂

  3. This item is used to cut potatoes for french fries. I happen
    to have one of these in my utensil drawer. Haven’t used it for
    a long time.

  4. Hello, this is my first time to take a guess at what it might be! This is a french fry press- to use you would take a peeled raw potato and press it through the steel grids. I know this particular kitchen tool because my mother used one when we were growing up here in the great state of Maine! She is now 89 and has not cooked with this in awhile, but we remember just how delicious those homemade fries were! Have a great day everyone!
    Mrs. Betty Michaud
    South China, ME

  5. I think it’s a frog for flower arranging. My second thought is that it could be a slicer of some kind. Love this feature on Wednesdays!!!!!

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