Etsy Extravaganza–UPDATE

I just received word from Wiley & Sons, the publishers of the book I just posted about–How to Make Money Using Etsy: A Guide to the Online Marketplace for Crafts and Handmade Products by Timothy Adam. They’ve graciously provided a book for a giveaway! Huzzah!

So here’s what you do: If you have an Etsy shop, just leave a comment telling us about it. If you don’t have a shop, then leave a comment telling us what you would see if you did have one. Easy peasy!

We’ll pick a random winner on Friday, March 25th.



12 thoughts on “Etsy Extravaganza–UPDATE

  1. Thinking about an Etsy account to sell. I purchase quite a bit from there. I feel it shows the talent that is out there. My items would be painted and hand crafted.

  2. Well I have a Etsy shop I would love to improve it. I sell refinished frames, dish clothes, and many other things I have made or refinished.

  3. Oh My I have wanted to start up a site on Etsy for soooo long-you would of course see my hand crafted one-of-a-kind cards, also aprons, wine bags, totes of all kinds and anything else crafty I might come up with!

  4. I have an etsy shop that sells primitive/folk art dolls, and primitive/folk art paintings. I am also the team captain of Primitive and Folk Artists on Etsy, and have a great group of talented primitive artists as part of the team. I would love to win this book, and get tips on how to make my etsy shop more successful!
    Prim Blessings!

  5. I just put this book in my cart on!!! Don’t have an Etsy account YET. But when I do, it will feature the variety of ornaments that I make…and make with lots of love!

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