“What is it?” Wednesday #5!

Woohoo! Here we are again, friends. You know the drill by now: Leave a comment with your guess as to what this item is, and on Friday we will post the answer photo and also your guesses.

Perhaps this is a more difficult one? If you need a hint, let us know. If enough of you request, we will post one!


27 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #5!

  1. My guess for the What Is It Wednesday post on Facebook on March 23 is a wrap dispenser used for either plastic wrap or foil.

  2. Is it one those old cloth or paper hand towel dryer,? Paper was on big roll & cloth was to cloth would not tear but paper one would..lol,lol, heckum I don’t know..lol,lol,lol, “Cookie17′

  3. That I am sure is a waxed paper dispenser, I grew up with one of those, sometimes they also had foil dispenser built in, and or paper towel. Jan

  4. Okay, I’m thinking a vintage wax paper or brown paper dispenser? The little saw toothed edge is for cutting the paper as you pull it out. Guess I’ll find out on Friday! Thanks for the fun, Deb

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