“What is it?” Wednesday#6

Happy Wednesday, friends! We hear a wintry mix (sounds friendly enough, but Noelle and I just aren’t amicable toward the concept) is coming our way. We snuck out of the office to enjoy the last predicted sunny afternoon before the weekend, and find some treasures for our “What is it?” game.

Here is today’s puzzle:

Please leave a comment with your guess, and come back and visit us when we post the answer and your guesses this Friday. Noelle thinks you won’t have a problem guessing this puzzle. However, if enough of you request one, we will post a clue.

10 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday#6

  1. What the roads are going to look like in the A.M.??
    Is this a leather glove? Wow, you really have me stumped!!! Way too much fun!!!

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