Inspiring greatness

As the years pass, I sometimes find myself reflecting on what mark I will leave in the world. Of course, my first thought is my children, but what imprint have I left for them? Have I already achieved my opus, or is it yet to be determined?

Today marks the final day of Women’s History Month.

We wrote a post at the beginning of the month asking you, our readers, to leave a comment about the women in your lives that have inspired you. We are not all destined for greatness, but certainly are capable of being great to those around us. Our Create & Decorate readers and designers are such creative and inspiring people! Please take a moment to reflect on your own life with a smile, and think of the women who have inspired you to become who you are today. Recall your mother, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and friends who have taken the time to share their love and talent to guide and inspire your creativity.

As a young child in a family of six, I was given chores as well as the rest of my siblings were. Dusting, watering the plants, setting and clearing the table, and feeding the animals is a quick list. Another of my weekend tasks was to bake cookies. As with all chores, sometimes I resented the household routines, but an interesting result came out of my tasks. My perceptive mother guided me to find two of my favorite pastimes: gardening and baking. I do, however, despise dusting.

Please leave us a comment about a woman in your life that has inspired you in big or little ways leading to your greatness.

In the meantime, here is a peek into my summer garden. I should also post a photo of the dust bunnies under my bed!