“If they give you ruled paper, write the other way.” -Juan Ramon Jiminez

Certainly you remember playing with paper dolls as a child. I remember cutting them out of their pages and saving all the pieces in a shoebox, labeling the box in my very best penmanship, and decorating it with colorful flowers out of marker. I have fond memories of watching my grandmother cut out paper dolls with my daughter, and even my son and I created dinosaur paper doll creatures from a special book given to him for his fifth birthday.

Today we are sharing the whimsical renderings of a successful artist—that have been compiled into a lovely paper doll book—that we would like to award to a lucky reader.

The Black Apple's Paper Doll Primer

Sweet and yet strangely unexpected, The Black Apple’s Paper Doll Primer by Emily Winfield Martin is a creative breath of fresh air. As the cover boasts, the book contains activities and amusements for the curious paper artist, with 20 characters and 16 customizable dolls on cardstock. These paper dolls inspire the imagination so much that you will want to take a leisurely look through the entire book way before picking up your scissors. Martin inspires little worlds from this book by giving a brief synopsis of her characters, as well as painted stages within the pages for the characters to play on. As we all know, the best part of playing with paper dolls is the accessory options, of which you will find plenty. A special section in the book contains a collection of pages packed with clothing, hair options and patterns, created for the crafter to photocopy and design an additional wardrobe for their dolls with their own medium.

Now here’s the fun part of our imaginative giveaway: we are encouraging you to create your own paper doll rendering. This is just for fun—please don’t be intimidated—let your imagination take flight with pen, paint, fabric, or medium of your choice! Email a photo or scan of your doll to editors@createanddecorate.com so that we may share them. Noelle and I will be waiting in anticipation to see what sort of entries come in… perhaps this will turn into something larger than just a book giveaway! Hmmm…

And, check back in to see the dolls that are created. Noelle has challenged me to create one as well! Will you play dolls with us? Send us your paper doll image by April 15th. Perhaps you will be featured in a paper doll section of an upcoming issue of Create & Decorate!

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