Contemporary Artists–Come one, Come all!

Ok, so you know how we’ve been posting the Most Famous Oil Paintings of the year for the past two years, provided by our buddies at Well, they have a new artsy kid in town—a website called, a new online community for contemporary artists around the world. The site provides tools and resources to enable artists to pursue their artistic and professional goals.

Artwork found on the site may be purchased as an original piece of art directly from the artist, or as an affordable canvas transfer painting. Reproductions come in a variety of sizes, and pricing is dictated by the individual artists. Artists get royalties for every reproduction sold. It provides a unique means for emerging artists to be discovered, and to assist established professionals in finding new clients without relying on agents.

Some cool paintings to check out are Ruth Palmer’s Autumn Bleed

Jeffrey F. Pierson’s Less I Forget Myself

and Marlene Wood-Rose’s Smashed Grapes

Click here to check it out and wander around—it’s like your own personal tour of a new art gallery! Enjoy 🙂


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