“What is it?” Wednesday #8

Hello friends! Welcome to our 8th “What is it?” puzzle. Noelle and I are wondering, now that we have been serving you a fun little puzzle every Wednesday for two months, if perhaps we should put the game on the back burner for a bit. Is it time for something new?

While you are contemplating, here is today’s “What is it?” puzzle piece:

Kinda looks like a smiley face, doesn’t it?

Please leave a comment with your guess, and come back and visit us when we post the answer and your guesses this Friday. (If there are enough requests, we will post a clue. We are too familiar with the item to know if the puzzle is easy or difficult!)

21 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday #8

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  2. Vintage wooden shoe form.
    I look forward to the “What is it Wednesday”.
    But, I’m sure you would replace it with something great as well!!!

  3. It actually looks like a big fish eating a little fish!! But I think it may be an old shoe sizer/fitter/stretcher thingy? Notice how I really narrowed it down? Hahaaa!! Have a great week!!

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