Spoon Butter

Perhaps, like me, when you read the title of this post, you thought of actual butter, the kind you can eat. I was very excited, and thought it was a quick recipe for homemade butter. I couldn’t wait to find out how to make it.

Well, my happy balloon was quickly deflated when I clicked on the link and read more. However, my happiness quickly returned, because I still got a recipe for something pretty cool.

Spoon butter is a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax, and it is used to keep all of your wooden utensils and cutting boards in tiptop shape.

I discovered this lovely little concoction at Marisa McClellan’s blog Food in Jars. This blog is really great, filled with tips and recipes that mostly center around–you guessed it–canning. If you’re a canning fool, you should really check it out. I found it by a happy accident, and I wanted to make sure to share.

Since we at C&D know that a ton of our readers love woodenware, we thought this recipe would come in handy. (We also featured Jane Guthrie’s woodenware collection in our June issue. Okay, end of shameless self-promotion.)

As I said, you only need mineral oil and natural beeswax. Put a quart-sized jar in a small saucepan and fill about a third of the way up with water. Put a quarter pound piece of beeswax in the jar and gently bring it up to a simmer. As it melts, slowly drizzle in a 16 ounce bottle of mineral oil. The contents should come together; if it needs some help, simply use a wooden spoon to stir together.

Once the mixture is cool enough to touch, you can use it! Yay! Smooth it on every wooden implement that you have in your kitchen, let it sit for a few hours (even overnight), and when most of the butter is absorbed, rub everything down with a clean cloth.

Spoon butter will keep in a closed jar under the sink or in your pantry for “quite some time.” Marisa also suggests making a gift of a beautiful wooden spoon and a jar of the spoon butter. Attach a tag with instructions for use. It will also keep your hands nice and soft. Bonus!

To read more, click here.


3 thoughts on “Spoon Butter

  1. What a wonderful ‘recipe’, I wonder if you could use this on your wooden furniture as well? Thanks so much for the link, I love canning so will definitely check out Marisa’s blog! Deb

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