“What is it?” #12 – The answer

Well, we tried to be tricky by turning the object upside down for the puzzle photo (and at least one of you smarties knew it!). This vintage treasure is a Foley Mill, used by my mother to make tomato and apple sauce, among other yummy things. I asked to borrow it last summer, and my mom decided to gift me with it. Suh-weet!

To read this week’s guesses click here. Tune in next week… ‘same bat-time, same bat-channel’ for more “What is it?” fun! (A vintage reference!) 🙂


“What is it?” Wednesday – 12

Hooray! We wish a happy sunny Wednesday to you from NJ, and are offering up the mid-week puzzle! Here you go, friends:

Need I ask? “…what is it?” Please leave us a comment with your guess, and stop back in on Friday to find out what the item is!

“What is it?” #11 – The answer

Some of you had a difficult time with this week’s puzzle, but we have to tell you that we really enjoyed the funny answers. (To read the guesses, click here)

This week, the “What is it?” item is the Juice O Mat old-fashioned juicer. It is still in excellent working condition, and I think it’s side view resembles E.T. a little, which made Noelle and I wonder if Steven Spielberg’s mother used one to make his orange juice for breakfast. You never know where creative inspiration hides. Thanks for playing! Remember to check in for next week’s puzzle on Wednesday.

Who said “Winning isn’t everything?”

Drum roll, please … and a heartfelt congratulations to Kat Nelson, who has been randomly selected to win the book Artful Journals, Making & Embellishing Memory Books, Garden Diaries & Travel Albums by Janet Takahashi (sterlingpublishing.com). Noelle and I wish you a fun adventure to journal about!

Yay, Kat! See, everyone, how easy it is to win a prize from us? To read the original post and comments, click here.

“What is it?” Wednesday – #11

Hello friends. Yup, it’s time for our weekly puzzle! Noelle and I get such a kick out of your comments. Thank you for taking the time to participate in these silly, fun puzzles as well as following our (more substantial) posts of projects and products.

Well, what is it? Noelle confirms my belief in that it doesn’t matter how I crop the photo—you guys will figure it out anyway!

Please leave a comment with your guess and check back again with us this Friday for the answer, and your guesses!

Wish you were here!

This is a rather random Monday post. Frequently, Noelle and I get sidetracked during the day and ask each other silly questions, such as “If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?” (That’s a very popular one.) Today, we were dreaming of where else we might like to be (other than in the office on a very rainy Monday). Hence this post. Our office calendars this month offer us a visual transport to places we wish we were.

We thought it might be some silly fun to ask you where you would like to visit today. If someone bought you a round trip, extended visit ticket, where would you like to go?

On Noelle’s calendar, an image of Ponte Vecchio, Florence, is luring us to Tuscany. The paintings of Ned Young, featured on my calendar, entices us to enter a dreamy, garden home.


Please leave us comment if you would like to visit one of these places, or if you have a dream destination of your own. We will select a random post and give away this book, Artful Journals, Making & Embellishing Memory Books, Garden Diaries & Travel Albums by Janet Takahashi (sterlingpublishing.com).  Takahashi shares inventive ways to create the pages, pockets, and folds of a journal as well as beautiful watercolor renderings and writings to jump-start your own creativity. So, when you return from your destination (real or imaginary) you may create a keepsake to hold your memories. Happy daydreaming, and good luck!

“What is it?” #10-The answer

Your guesses never cease to amaze us… We really thought this puzzle was a tough one! Yes, this is a vintage lunch box and it is the perfect companion for summer lunches on the grass. I picked it up at a yard sale for $1.00 from an older gentleman who thought I was nuts for wanting his old work lunch box. He actually had two for sale, but I didn’t want to be greedy.

We have used this lunch box a couple of times for photo styling in Create & Decorate magazine. Most recently in our June 2011 issue, we featured designer Kim Grasso’s doll project, Garden Gayle, perched on top of it :

To read this week’s guesses, click here!

“What is it?” Wednesday #10

Is it truly Wednesday already? How did a week fly by so quickly?

We have been tied up with the August issue of Create & Decorate, but the magazine is finally on press (yay!), so we hope to be bringing you some fun blog info again.

Meanwhile, happy mid-week to you all. Below is today’s Wednesday puzzle to ponder:

Hmmm… what is it? Please leave a comment with your guess and check back again with us this Friday for the answer!

“What is it?” #9 – The answer

…and the answer is: The Eveready Family Size Food Chopper!

This lovely piece of useful nostalgia was purchased for my newly-wedded mother in the early 1950’s, and the price of $2.98 is still on the box. Who could possibly know the course that food processor technology would take? However, my mother still uses it to make her cranberry relish for special holiday celebrations. Those berries make an awesome popping sound when being ground with oranges! As a kid, I also distinctly remember running to hide upstairs in my bedroom to avoid the smell of her making chicken liver pâté for company. (Blech)

We have seen these vintage kitchen accessories crafted with pincushion tops to conveniently be at the ready by your sewing table, and also attached to a side table with a little fern tucked inside. For now, my mother has passed this one on to me so that I may keep up the tradition of the holiday cranberry relish.

We know you are all wondering—who is the lucky winner of the American Fold Art Quilts book?

Well, a hearty congratulations to our randomly selected winner,  Kristen A.! I have sent you an email for your mailing address and we will happily mail your prize to you. Read the game guesses here, and a special thank you to those who weren’t sure what the item was, but left a guess anyway. We love you!

Happy Friday, all!