“What is it?” #9 – The answer

…and the answer is: The Eveready Family Size Food Chopper!

This lovely piece of useful nostalgia was purchased for my newly-wedded mother in the early 1950’s, and the price of $2.98 is still on the box. Who could possibly know the course that food processor technology would take? However, my mother still uses it to make her cranberry relish for special holiday celebrations. Those berries make an awesome popping sound when being ground with oranges! As a kid, I also distinctly remember running to hide upstairs in my bedroom to avoid the smell of her making chicken liver pâté for company. (Blech)

We have seen these vintage kitchen accessories crafted with pincushion tops to conveniently be at the ready by your sewing table, and also attached to a side table with a little fern tucked inside. For now, my mother has passed this one on to me so that I may keep up the tradition of the holiday cranberry relish.

We know you are all wondering—who is the lucky winner of the American Fold Art Quilts book?

Well, a hearty congratulations to our randomly selected winner,  Kristen A.! I have sent you an email for your mailing address and we will happily mail your prize to you. Read the game guesses here, and a special thank you to those who weren’t sure what the item was, but left a guess anyway. We love you!

Happy Friday, all!


2 thoughts on ““What is it?” #9 – The answer

  1. Yay!! I never win anything! Thank you!! I can’t wait to get this book. I think I might have to learn how to make quilts now! Thanks Again!!

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