Wish you were here!

This is a rather random Monday post. Frequently, Noelle and I get sidetracked during the day and ask each other silly questions, such as “If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?” (That’s a very popular one.) Today, we were dreaming of where else we might like to be (other than in the office on a very rainy Monday). Hence this post. Our office calendars this month offer us a visual transport to places we wish we were.

We thought it might be some silly fun to ask you where you would like to visit today. If someone bought you a round trip, extended visit ticket, where would you like to go?

On Noelle’s calendar, an image of Ponte Vecchio, Florence, is luring us to Tuscany. The paintings of Ned Young, featured on my calendar, entices us to enter a dreamy, garden home.


Please leave us comment if you would like to visit one of these places, or if you have a dream destination of your own. We will select a random post and give away this book, Artful Journals, Making & Embellishing Memory Books, Garden Diaries & Travel Albums by Janet Takahashi (sterlingpublishing.com).  Takahashi shares inventive ways to create the pages, pockets, and folds of a journal as well as beautiful watercolor renderings and writings to jump-start your own creativity. So, when you return from your destination (real or imaginary) you may create a keepsake to hold your memories. Happy daydreaming, and good luck!