“What is it?” #13 The Answer

You never cease to amaze us. Even with the fuzziest of images your vintage knowledge is spot on!

Yup, it’s a vintage (aren’t all of our puzzles?) aluminum stacking lunch box. As always, to those of you who take a guess that is a stab in the dark—you warm our hearts. 🙂 To read the guesses, click here. See you next Wednesday for yet another puzzle!


5 thoughts on ““What is it?” #13 The Answer

  1. I am visiting after reading Linda’s blog-Prairieflowerfarm.blogspot.com. This game looks like fun. I’ll have to check back next Wednesday!

  2. I knew what it was!! But I forgot to come back and write it! Duh!! Actually, I thought it was for cakes…..so I suppose I wasn’t completely right…just the food part 🙂

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