Yankee Doodle Andy

We are thrilled to share a creative blast from Create & Decorate’s past. Designer Denise White has given us permission to share this flashback project with you. Featured in our August 2004 issue, Denise’s Yankee Doodle Andy was one of our summer favorites. We thought this would be a perfect summer design to stitch in time for flag day and Fourth of July patriotic decorating.

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Yankee Doodle Andy


• 1⁄2 yd. of muslin fabric

• 10” x 13” piece of red and white striped fabric

• 10” x 15” piece of blue fabric

• Acrylic paints in antique white, black, and red

• Flat paintbrushes of choice

• Polyester fiberfill, newspaper, red yarn, quilting thread, hot glue gun and hot glue gun glue sticks, instant tea, white glue, sponge brush, two red buttons, sandpaper, copy of old postcard, white embroidery floss, hemostats (for turning and stuffing), fabric transfer method, sewing machine, hand sewing needle, off- white all-purpose sewing thread, cosmetic blush*, paper towel, water, measuring cups and spoons, scissors, mixing bowl *Optional.


To print pattern, click on images at end of instructions.

1. Transfer patterns for the body, arms, and legs to the muslin fabric using fabric transfer method. Cut out two bodies, four arms, and four legs 1⁄4” from the drawn pattern edge.

2. Using the sewing machine and the off-white all-purpose sewing thread, sew the two bodies together, the four legs together in pairs to create two legs, and the four arms together in pairs to create two arms. Leave open where indicated on pattern. Trim the edges and clip the curves. Using the hemostats, turn right side out and stuff each piece tightly to about 1” from the end with the polyester fiberfill. Using the quilting thread and the hand sewing needle, hand sew the opening on the body closed and attach the arms and legs to the body where indicated on the pattern.

3. Transfer the details of Andy’s face onto the doll’s head using the fabric transfer method. Using the flat paintbrush, apply the eyes and eyebrows with two coats of antique white, his nose and lips with two coats of red, and the inside of his eyes and his mouth with two coats of black, allowing adequate drying time between applications. Let dry.

4. Once dry, sand lightly. To blush his cheeks, dip an old paintbrush into the red paint and rub on a paper towel until dry. Practice on your paper towel first. When you feel comfortable with it, rub in a circular motion where his cheeks should be. If you would like, you can use cosmetic blush instead.

5. Using the flat paintbrush and red paint, apply the red stripes on the legs. Once dry, use the sandpaper and sand lightly.

6. To antique Andy, mix about 1⁄4 c. white glue, 2 Tbls. instant tea and 2 Tbls. water. Mix well and using the sponge brush, brush the entire doll with this mixture. Allow to dry completely.

7. To tea stain the red and white striped and the blue fabric for the clothes, create a strong tea mixture of about 1⁄4 of a cup of instant tea to one gallon of water. Soak fabric in this mixture for about 30 minutes or more. Add enough water to cover the clothes and move them around occasionally. After soaking the fabrics, allow to dry completely.

8. Fold the red and white striped fabric in half. Using the fabric transfer method, transfer the shirt pattern onto the red and white striped fabric as indicated.

9. Cut out one shirt on the fold, 1⁄4” from the drawn edge. Sew on the drawn and dotted lines on the pattern. Clip the curves and turn right side out.

10. For the shorts, cut one piece of the blue fabric that measures 51⁄2” x 14”. Fold in half to create a 51⁄2” x 7” rectangle. Using a 1⁄4” seam allowance, sew the one side closed. Find the center of the bottom 7” side of the fabric and sew a curve 3” up the middle (See Fig. 1). Cut up the middle, clip the curves, and turn right side out.

11. Cut a slit in the neck of Andy’s shirt large enough to fit over his head. Turn the edges under about 1⁄4” and using the hand sewing needle and the quilting thread, sew a hem using long stitches, leaving the string tails in place. Put the shirt over his head, pull the strings to gather around his neck and knot the string to hold it in place. Repeat on each sleeve and on the waist of his shorts. For his suspenders, cut two strips of blue fabric for the suspenders that measure 11⁄2” x 10”. Place one end in the front of his shorts and one in the back of his shorts as shown in the color photo of the finished project. Using the hand sewing needle and the quilting thread, stitch the suspenders in place and attach a red button on the front where the straps meet the shorts.

12. Cut a piece of newspaper that measures 61⁄2” x 91⁄2”. Fold in half so it measures 43⁄4” x 61⁄2”. Measure 11⁄2” from the open bottom and fold the top right hand corner down to meet the 11⁄2” mark. Repeat for the other corner. Fold the 11⁄2” flap up in the front and up in the back (See Fig. 2). Using the hot glue gun and hot glue gun glue sticks, adhere the edges of the hat together. Attach pieces of red yarn on the inside of the hat for Andy’s hair, leaving them a little longer than you want them to be. Glue on the newspaper hat with the red hair trim to Andy’s head. Trim hair as needed.

13. Seal the copy of the vintage postcard with some of the glue mixture that you antiqued the doll with in Step 6. Once dry, poke a hole in one corner of the vintage postcard. Using the white embroidery floss, thread it through the hole and tie around Andy’s neck.

Love Denise’s style? You will find new patterns by Denise in upcoming issues of Create & Decorate, as well more creativity on her website.


9 thoughts on “Yankee Doodle Andy

  1. Hello,
    Is anyone having trouble printing Yankee Doodle Andy besides me? It just will not print.
    Help please,
    Rosa Marie

    • Hi Rosa Marie,
      For most efficient printing of the Instructions for Yankee Doodle Andy, copy and paste them to a new word document and then print your word document. For the patterns, click on them individually to enlarge and then you will be able to print them. To make the doll the full size as shown, you will need to enlarge them on a copier (or home scanner). If you still have difficulty, please send me an email at editors@createanddecorate.com and I will assist you further.

  2. Oh, this is a sweet project. I had a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll when I was a little girl. This doll reminds me so much of my childhood 😉 🙂 Great project. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

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