“What is it?” Wednesday # 14 – the answer

Happy Friday! Well, this was a fun puzzle. Many of you knew immediately what this week’s item was, but there were also great guesses, too. (Click here for those.)

This week’s item is a David Traum 1950’s skirt hem pin marking tool (that’s a mouth full!). I acquired this vintage piece from my friend from church, Wilma. Whenever I utilize something that belonged to Wilma I smile to myself. We use many of her vintage fabrics to accent pages in Create & Decorate magazine, and also use glasses purchased from her collection while styling for our photography. If you would like to read our original post about Wilma, click here.

See you next Wednesday for more fun!


3 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday # 14 – the answer

  1. Knew what this item was, as my Aunt who taught me to sew had one. Didn’t leave a comment. But surely will the next time. Can’t wait to see what next week will be. :-}

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