“What is it” Wednesday #16

Fancy meeting you here on Wednesday! Here we go… puzzle #16. You know how this works by now: leave a comment with your guess, and check back in with us on Friday to see the answer to this puzzle and read the posted guesses!


57 thoughts on ““What is it” Wednesday #16

  1. Could this be an antique telephone from the 1800s? The kind with a sort of cup for the ear piece and the amplifier you speak into built in the front of the box?

  2. That’s a match box holder, I have a green and cream one on my kitchen range. A box of stick matches would fit in the holder, and you’d pick one out of the bottom opening. Folks used the matches to light the kindling in the wood stove, or to light the gas jet before automatic igniters. I’m old enough to remember using one of these, and young enough to know how to write a comment on a blog. Love Create and Decorate. Buy it every month, used to have a subscription, should again. Karen

  3. Matchbox holder! You slid the whole box in here & opened it up a bit where the matches were at the bottom. Every kitchen had one of these!

  4. It is an old wall match box holder. :))) Mom and dad use to have one right next to the stove to light the pilot. I hope that is right…

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