Welcome, summer!

Warm sunshine, freshly made lemonade complete with lemon slices, a boat ride, juicy watermelon (seed spitting contests included), and sitting outside in the early evening to watch the fireflies. These are some of our favorite summer things. We request you to leave us a comment with your favorite summer pleasure. We would love to add your comment to a master list, and next week we will be posting the official Create & Decorate Guide to Simple Summer Pleasures. The summer days and nights fly by so quickly. We invite you to enjoy life’s little moments. We will be posting this list for you to print out and use as a check list to accomplish one simple pleasure for each of the remaining days of summer. By summer’s end, you will be able to look back and remember all of the little moments you took joy in.

Noelle has informed me that we are inviting you to enjoy summer, although we are not! Ouch. So, we are creating this list for us to enjoy, too. Take time to smell the flowers, friends. We know we need to as well. 🙂

One of you lucky commenters will be randomly drawn to win one of our favorite summertime books, Summer: A user’s guide. (yay!) The author of this book, Suzanne Brown has packed these pages with ideas for living life to the fullest in the summer months. You will find crafts, recipes, and nostalgia, as well as enticing photographs that will make you feel like you are on vacation even if you are only reading in your own backyard.


14 thoughts on “Welcome, summer!

  1. My favorite summer activity is getting outside with the kids! After being cooped up all winter long, it is so nice to spread out in the warm weather on nice green grass. Fill up a pool and splash the day away!

  2. I just love that I can walk outside on my bare feet and no need to bundle up! Laying in the yard with my grandkids looking to see what shapes the clouds are making! Love the summer book!

  3. At the age of 53, I have learned to appreciate the finer things in life. Watching a sunset…sitting on the patio in the evening when it is peaceful and watch the mama deer (who I named “Jane Doe”…ha ha) and her 2 fawns meander through the pasture and eat crab apples….or watching that pesky chipmunk hide his little acorns under the downspout then disappear in the hole under the concrete patio. What’s even better is when there is someone here to enjoy this with me.

  4. I have two favorite summer pleasures: sitting on the back deck drinking morning coffee and/or floating on my inflatable boat upside down in the pool. AHH relaxation at it’s best

  5. So many things to enjoy…how to choose just one… fishing would be number one. Love to fish in streams where I can scramble over rocks and enjoy the peace and tranquilty that comes with moving water. And as long as I’m there I might as well look for some pretty rocks to tumble when I get home.

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